Pigs & Menus

“Alright class, let’s go. We’re butchering half a pig!”

Um, yeah. So that happened. We didn’t actually butcher the pig ourselves (thank god) because we aren’t in a lab class, but my instructor was scheduled to show another class how you butcher pigs for an event they’re putting on so he had us watch to for costing purposes. Basically the gist of it was that you want to garner as much viable meat as possible from the animal, pig or otherwise. Watching this didn’t make me want to become a butcher. I think I’ll stick with baking; no animal corpses required.

My instructor did manage to slice his finger open during the butchering process and it didn’t matter how many band-aids, gloves and other protective gear he put on to cover it, the bleeding just wouldn’t stop. He had to stop butchering so he could get the bleeding under control and eat something because he’d lost that much blood. It wasn’t pretty.

{He probably wouldn’t have wanted me to tell you all that, but I’m thinking he won’t ever see this and I didn’t use his name, so…we’ll just keep it our little secret ;)}

Anyway, once that was under control and we were done watching our class went back to our room and raced through the powerpoint we had planned for the day. It was a lot of talk about picking your suppliers and relationships with them.

In my other class this week, we continued going over menus, and which type of menus are appropriate for certain restaurants/institutions and which aren’t. It’s pretty similar to what I did in class last term, so I’m just kind of waiting for something new to pop up. We did critique some menus from local restaurants, but other than that it was a lot of powerpoint information. I’m hoping this class will be more exciting next week.

In other news, I had a check-up with my surgeon this week and he’s “cautiously optimistic” that things are going well. With my history of knee problems he says we can’t be too sure, but for now most things seem to be pretty good. I have two months to get it all better because I have lab classes again next term and I’ll need to be able to do lots of standing. Keep your fingers crossed that things keep going well!

I’ll have a new recipe up for you all soon. I’m just trying to decide what culinary magic to surprise you with 🙂

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