Cabin Weekend

Have you ever wanted to just get away for the weekend with your friends? Escape the crazy, fast-paced life in the city, days filled with work and school and a million other things you don’t have time for?

My friends and I did exactly that last weekend.

We packed up our bags and enjoyed a couple of days filled with pjs, sweatpants, no makeup, girl talk and lots of laughter.



In keeping with our group’s tradition, we made lots of delicious food – Dutch babies, eggs, quinoa, pizza, a wonderful salad and a variety of croissants/pastries. Yum. We also had a little campfire by the lake with s’mores, guitar playing and some singing.



Mary, Taylor and I drove together and we passed the time going there and coming back home by talking, singing at the top of our lungs, and dancing in the car. We probably got some weird looks from other drivers, but who cares. You only live once, right? I can guarantee we were having more fun than anyone else on the road.



There is something so nice about getting out of the car and smelling nature. Pine needles, trees, lakes, all of those things we can’t get in the city. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love Portland and I love being able to call it ‘home’, but there is something so nice about being able to unplug and escape from the hustle and bustle in PDX.




We had no cell phone reception, enforced a no makeup rule and were totally content to just sit around in our pi’s for most of the day. You know you have good friends when you’re comfortable doing that.


If you all ever have to opportunity to get away for a day, weekend, week, whatever works for you, I highly recommend it. Unplugging and getting some distance from the ‘real world’ for a while is the best.


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