Culinary School: Final Quarter

I’m procrastinating.

I shouldn’t be, but I am. And I’m very good at it.


This is my last quarter of culinary school and I’m pretty sure it’s going to be the quarter that kicks my butt. I’m only taking two classes, which is totally manageable, but one of the classes is my capstone which is a lot of work. We have 10 weeks to come up with a pretty comprehensive business plan for a restaurant we want to own.


This includes a concept, location, mission statement, business philosophy, menu, recipes, costed recipes, a floor plan, food & beverage purchasing options, hiring processes, job postings and more things than I can even think of off the top of my head.


On top of that we have a book that goes along with our class and we’re supposed to answer the chapter review questions. I don’t think I’ve answered chapter review questions for a class since high school and I’m not really sure how answering these is going to help me but I’m just going with it.


At least I have my breads class. There are 16 people in my class which is way too many when we’re making 4-6 breads a day. The good news is my group is pretty much the best group in the class. We get there at 6:30, start the bread-making process (which can take a long time), and walk out the door with bags full of bread at 12:00. {Sidenote: we make a lot of bread…if you’re in the Portland area and ever want some, let me know!}


Everyday we make what we call a Parisian Daily Bread (because we make it everyday, get it?) 🙂 We also have three or four other breads we make that change each day. I like making bread at home, but because I don’t have all the fancy equipment like a proof box, I don’t do it very often. It’s nice having all the the tools we need at school to make really good bread.


My dog is obsessed with bread and when I come through the door when I get home she is far more excited to sniff out the bag of bread than greet me. It’s a little heartbreaking. I then have to lock the bread up in a room so she doesn’t eat it all.


I had plans to share a recipe with you all this week, but the person I made it for has decided he doesn’t want me to share my recipe with anyone so I won’t. But keep your eyes peeled for something fantastic this time next week!


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